REAC Inspection Scheduled

A HUD annual REAC Inspection have been scheduled early 2016 for Cuney Homes Apartments. Our staff has inspected each unit in July 2015. Work orders has been generated to correct all deficiencies noted during the inspection. Help us guarantee our property remain a great place to live. Please make sure you check the items below:


  • Smoke Detectors are working properly
  • Walls have no sheetrock damage
  • Electrical outlets & switch plate covers are in place & working properly
  • Items that might prevent an emergency exit are cleared from windows & doors
  • Aluminum foil should be removed from stove tops
  • All grease build up from stove & ovens
  • Door Locks are working properly
  • The Vent Hoods should be working & free of grease build up
  • There are not trip hazards on the floor (i.e. cords)
  • All light fixtures have working bulbs
  • All GFI plugs are working properly
  • Your Home is sanitary and in good order with minimal clutter
  • Extermination request are called in promptly